Serra By Birreria | NYC Holiday Restaurant

This past weekend, I went into the city to visit Serra By Birreria; a restaurant in Eataly that changes for each season. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures or videos of it while scrolling through Facebook or posts on Instagram, as it seems to be the winter-wonderland/holiday go-to Instagram spot this season! (I know it’s still early November, but because the holiday season gets pretty busy,  I definitely suggest you to go sooner rather than later!)

I put together a few things you should have in mind when planning a trip to go to this restaurant!

  1. Make a Reservation
    Serra By Birreria had only been open for about a week or less when I went this past weekend, HOWEVER, it was packed. There was a wait and seats weren’t empty for less than a minute before the next party sat down. They do have a bar that you can stand at and order drinks & food to before you are sat, or you can choose that option all together with.
  2. Dress in Layers
    BUT NOT BECAUSE IT IS COLD! While it is a “rooftop” restaurant, it is enclosed. So while you will be dressed in many layers (I’m assuming this because it is only a pop-up for the winter season, so you’ll want to be warm in the NYC chilly air anyways), the restaurant gets pretty warm. Because of the clear windows and ceiling all-around for that “rooftop” vibe, the sun is shining directly into the restaurant giving it a warm green-house effect. Make sure you’re dressed in layers so that you can TAKE OFF your jacket/cardigan, and still be comfortable while enjoying the atmosphere.
  3. Charge Your Phone!!!
    For multiple reasons! Of course the Instagram stories/pictures/videos are going to make your battery go quick, but trust me when I tell you, you’re going to want to be using Google while looking at the menu! There are SO many different dishes that you won’t see other places, so unless you’re completely okay with ordering something you might not be too sure about, I advise Googling anything that sounds delicious! (And once you have an idea from Google, ask your waiter/waitress too! There was so much information our waitress was able to give us regarding the dishes, which was extremely helpful!)

I hope these little tips got you excited to visit this winter pop-up! If you have any questions about it, feel free to reach out! If you happen to visit, send me your pictures! I’d love to see them!



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