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Couples Gift Guide: The City-Living

For all of the city living gals & guys, here is a handy gift guide!

Gift Guide for City Living 2018

For Her:

  1. Not For Tourists Guide to NYC (they have other cities, too!)
  2. Fashionable Sneakers (make running through the subway station a little better)
  3. Laptop Backpack
  4. Rise And Shine Thermal Β 
  5. Essential Oil Diffuser (perfect to relax after a busy day, and perfect to keep your apartment smelling fresh!)
  6. Burberry Umbrella (yes, this is EXPENSIVE for an umbrella. HOWEVER, this is an investment… In just the past 3 months I’ve had 3 different umbrellas break on me because of the city winds… It’s better to spend a little extra money for someone, and help them in the long-run!)

For Him:

  1. Robert Graham Briefcase
  2. Yeti Travel Thermal
  3. Warm UGG Slippers
  4. Dolce & Gabbana Cologne
  5. Mini Espresso Machine
  6. Patagonia Rain Jacket (nothing is worse than showing up to work….cold and wet)

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