Elevate Your Style: 3 Easy Steps

I am ALL about neutrals and 90% of my closet is different variations of black, white, cream, tan, & grey. Of course I try to incorporate color here and there, but there’s just something that attracts me to neutrals EVERY time I’m shopping! Maybe because I know I can get more wear out of it? Or maybe it’s just because I know it’ll be easy to match? REGARDLESS, I’ve found so many ways to style such basic pieces and neutrals so that they DON’T look basic or boring!

With that being said, in today’s post I’m going to share my top 3 ways to elevate your style WHILE WEARING BASICS!

Sunnies (aka sunglasses) are your BFF
Even if it’s winter and you don’t live somewhere that’s sunny all the time (I definitely don’t), wearing sunglasses on your head (or on your face) makes a statement. It’s almost like a hair accessory, and it just looks like you put that much more effort into your outfit.

Cuff/Fray your Denim
Ripped denim is definitely not everyone’s style, but you can turn a simple “white T and jeans” look into something so much more than that! I’m all about cuffing up the bottoms of my jeans to add a space for my ankle to show in-between my shoes and the bottom of my jeans – it just breaks up the outfit a lot (in a good way!)

Look for PRINTED or TEXTURED Neutrals
Trying out a new print can be intimidating for sure, BUT I’m not saying reach for the zebra prints, bright colored polka dots or stripes, or anything too bold (if that’s not your style). Look for black and white pin stripes, neutral tweed styled jackets or skirts, a houndstooth hat (I own this, pictured below), a plaid scarf, or a lace top! Even with the neutral colors, you’ll be adding an element by choosing to wear something other than a solid!

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