Everyday Makeup Routine | 4 Steps

Hi friends! Here is my EVERYDAY makeup routine! This is my go-to routine for the days when I have class, when I’m running errands, or when I’m in a rush and need to do something quick!

If you’d like to see what products I use for my “going-out” makeup routine, or a makeup routine for any specific special occasion, just let me know! I’d love to share and play around with some new looks!



  1. Primer
    My favorite primer is only $7.99 and works so well! (A little secret: I never used primer until about a month ago!) I was always told, “It will make your foundation/concealer stay on longer” but my products wearing off throughout the day was never an issue for me, so I never saw what the big hype was! I finally did some more research, and I realized primer can help so much more than just “lasting foundation.” Not only does it do all of the “minimizing pores, blurs fine-lines, etc..” BUT it also becomes a barrier between your skin and your foundation/concealer, which is SO important. I never thought about this, but after looking at the ingredients in different foundations, I realized I’d much rather have a barrier in-between my skin and the products I would be putting on it.
  2. Foundation
    I have two absolute favorite foundations. This one is my go-to drugstore foundation and is SO affordable! I wear the shade 122 (Creamy Beige). (Another little secret: they sell this foundation at almost EVERY drugstore, BUT Target is the only place I have been able to find all of the shades! Most stores sell shade 120 and then the next shade is 125, but 122 is my PERFECT match and is ALWAYS at Target!) My other favorite foundation is a little more expensive, but still affordable! It is definitely a full-coverage foundation and I usually wear it when I’m going out at night, if I’m spending a long day in the city, or when I want to take pictures! (I swear the shade “Medium 54 Cool” for reference).img_0532
  3. Mascara
    I have yet to find a mascara that works better than this one and I have tried SO many!! It’s SO affordable and makes my lashes look like I have extensions!

    Whether it be chapsticks (here are some of my favorites: Burts Bees, Carmex, Moroccan Magic) or a lipstick (my favorite shade of all time: HERE (in the color Saucy Mauve), I find this to be my favorite part of my routine! I love having smooth or glossy lips from the chapsticks, and I think lipstick can transform a causal look into a put-together look.

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