January: Favorites

Unlike most months, January hasn’t flown by. I usually find myself thinking, “I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the month” but in this case, I can’t believe we’re STILL in January. I’m not trying to rush through the last few months of college, but I feel like it’s been January for FAR longer than 25 days. I have a lot of fun blog posts planned for the upcoming weeks/months, but for now, here are some of my favorites from the month of January.

Simple Styles
I’ve been loving really simple styles. Every morning, I find myself wanting to reach for a grey knit sweater, jeans, and black booties. I’ve even found myself ditching my big tote bag for a plain black crossbody purse. Here are some of my favorite wardrobe must-haves to achieve the modern and simple style.

Snap Button Turtleneck // White Knit Sweater // Suede Moto Jacket // Cut Out Black Bootie/Flat

Warm Tones
I’m sure if you’ve been on my Instagram feed lately, you can tell I’m into warm tones (pinks, peach, oranges, yellows, rust, tans, etc). I love wearing warm tones, doing my makeup with warm colors, and I love working in a space with warm tones. My bedroom (in my house at school) has cream-colored walls, and my lighting makes them a little more warm. When I am sitting at my desk and have the glow-y cream colored walls around me, I feel so productive.

Printed Kimono  // Striped Halter Top // Oversized Off-the-Shoulder Sweatshirt  // Rust Jumpsuit // Rust Scarf

Thrift Shopping
If you’ve seen my most recent YouTube video  you would know how much I love thrift shopping. I absolutely love it because you never know what you’ll find. I’ve found designer jeans for $3.99, sweaters for $2, and there are always wicker baskets to use as home decor. I’d love to do a thrift haul blog post next time I go thrift shopping, so comment if you’d like to see that!

Green Smoothies
I’m REALLY late on this trend, but I was never a big smoothie person before. My new favorite smoothie consists of a mix of kale and spinach, frozen mango, banana, and blueberries (and I don’t even really like blueberries!!!). I’ve had it for breakfast almost every morning this week and I’ve been loving it!

I’ve been in somewhat of a music rut which is SO weird for me. I find myself getting bored halfway through my workouts I haven’t found anything new that I’ve liked, so I decided to try to find some podcasts that I liked. I recently discovered Danielle Gervino’s podcast “Blogging Unscripted” which is brand new, but has been SO good so far! I also enjoyed one or two of the Gals on the Go  podcast, but I don’t totally love it. If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them! I like motivational/informative podcasts.

Mixing Silver and Gold Jewelry
I’ve had a Cape Cod bracelet for as long as I can remember. I have the silver bracelet with the gold ball, and I absolutely love the way it looks. In the past, I’ve gone through phases of ONLY gold jewelry, ONLY silver jewelry, and I even went through a phase of ONLY rose gold jewelry. I never wanted to mix and match because I thought the pieces would clash, but lately I’ve been combining the two and I love the way it looks. I personally think it looks more expensive and classic when there’s a mix of the two!

Layered Drop Necklaces // Freshwater Shell Necklace // Floating Stars Choker // Oversized Silver Hoops

3 thoughts on “January: Favorites

  1. Love the rust jumpsuit! I’m only 5’3 though-will that style work for shorter people?? And your go to smoothie sounds delish!



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