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My Life Motto + Words I Live By

Wake. Pray. Slay.



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It’s SUCH a simple phrase and pretty obvious in regards to what it means, but for some reason when I saw this quote I immediately felt inspired, motivated, and empowered.


How great is it that I get to wake up every morning in a house filled with my friends (and when I’m at home, my family). On a daily basis I get to see people I love, go to classes and/or work, go to the gym, make delicious meals (sometimes go out for meals), make delicious cups of coffee (or go to Starbucks), open a door to a closet full of clothes, shower in hot water, the list is endless.. Each and every day, I get to wake up and experience things that so many people have never or will never get to. It sounds simple, but the little things are often forgotten.


I was raised in a Catholic family and have always attended a private Catholic school (from age five to this year! I’ve never attended a public school). Regardless of what your religion is or whether or not you believe in prayer, there is something magnificent about what it can do for your psyche. (If you don’t believe in prayer, you can apply this to manifestation). Each and every day, we have hopeful thoughts as well as thoughts of doubt. Whether you need to ask for something to go your way, ask for something to happen, ask for something NOT to happen, etc…prayer is probably the way to go. You don’t need to go to church to pray. You can pray in your car, while working out, or even while walking to class. As long as you are putting out (even if it’s in your mind) what you WANT into the universe, it will come back to you positively. It sounds a little tricky, but this Margot Lee video helped me understand it all a little more (and once again, it can be applied to prayer, manifestation, the Law of Attraction, & so many more beliefs).


“Slay” definitely has a different meaning for everyone. The term provides me with a feeling of motivation. It reminds me of all of my dreams and aspirations. When I don’t feel like sitting down and writing three blog posts, I do it anyway. Because I have goals set that I want to reach for my blog, and I know I won’t get there if I act lazy. When I don’t want to go to the gym, I remind myself how great I feel afterwards. It’s all about having a SLAY-attitude. Get done what you need to get done so when you lay in bed at night, you cannot think of ANYTHING that makes you say “I forgot about that. I guess I’ll do it tomorrow.” Each day should be a clean slate without ANY “leftover to-do list errands” from the day before.

I hope I brought you a little inspiration this evening! Wake, pray, slay!


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