Spring Cleaning: Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually

I’ve never been a spring-time lover, but for some reason this year, that has changed completely. I am so happy spring is here this year. It feels like a new beginning and a fresh start.

When the first day of spring arrived a few weeks ago, the weather in Northern New Jersey was 50° or more (and sunny) almost every day. I began running outside again (my absolute favorite thing to do), I felt more motivated, and I wanted nothing more than to cleanse and organize every aspect of my life. So I began…

I cleaned out my closet and donated bags of clothing, shoes and accessories. I purged any old or expired makeup products. I got rid of any hair products or skin-care products I didn’t use. I began listening to podcasts that were inspiring and motivating (if you want a post about my favorite podcasts, let me know in the comments). I started writing blog posts weeks in advance (this sounds a little strange, but it’s such an awful feeling when I want to get a post up but I feel rushed and my writing skills suffer because of it). I continued to apply to jobs with my newly updated and improved resume.

I could go on and on and on about all of the improvements I made in my life in just this one week so far, but I’ll save you the time. Instead, I challenge you to do a little “spring cleaning” for yourself and I’ve listed some ways below that might help you get started.


P.S. I do realize every single day is a new beginning. I could have done all of this weeks/months/years ago, but there’s just something about the warmer weather and a new season that motivated me more than ever been before. 

  1. Closet Clean-out
    Look at your closet or in your drawers. If you own anything you haven’t worn in the past year, get rid of it. If you own anything that is no longer your size (big or small), get rid of it. If you own anything with rips, stains, or just pieces you know you probably would never reach for in the morning, get rid of it! This includes clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, jewelry, makeup products, hair products, skincare products, etc.
  2. Read a Book
    Begin this new season with a new story. Find a book that interests you, inspires you, motivates you, or simply just brings you enjoyment. Challenge yourself to read a little bit each day and whether that be 15 minutes or an hour, it’s time set aside for your brain to “reset.”
  3. Change Bad Habits
    Of course this sounds broad but everyone starts in a different place. Create a list of your bad habits (drinking too much soda, eating out too much, spending too much money, not sleeping enough, procrastinating, not working out, something as small as biting your nails, etc..) and work on reducing it daily. I’ve heard it takes 21 days to break a bad habit so after three weeks, you’ll have come a long way.
  4. Spend time Outside
    If it’s possible where you live, spend 15-30 minutes (or more if you can) outside. Walking, riding a bike, running, or even just sitting outside can be the best way to relax.
  5. Clean/Change your Bedding
    While this should be a pretty often task, clean your sheets/pillowcases/blankets, etc. If possible/if you want, change up your throw pillows and comforter as well. A change of scenery sparks inspiration for me so maybe it will for you, too!
  6. Create a Budget
    College student or not, we’re all on some sort of budget. If you don’t already have one for yourself, why not start? Create a monthly or weekly budget for yourself. It’s amazing how much you save once you realize how much money you were wasting in the beginning. My close blogger friend Emily has a whole post where you can access and create your own expense sheet here! I personally just like to keep record in a Word Document and track it almost like a daily journal.
  7. Watch Something Inspiring
    This sounds a little strange but my best friend Cait (hi Cait!!) has been super into documentaries lately and we’ve been watching them pretty often in our house (if you didn’t know, I live with 4 other girls in a house off campus). She watches just about every documentary genre…you name it and she’s probably seen it. BUT we recently watched ‘Free Solo’ (you can watch it for $3.99 on YouTube or if you have a Hulu account, it’s on there as well) and it was so inspiring. I also loved ‘What the Health’ and ‘Terms and Conditions May Apply’ which are both on Netflix.


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