Graduation Dress Roundup | 2019

Graduation is a little more than a month away (for me at least) and it’s so surreal to think about! I am beyond excited regardless of the fact that my plans are still up in the air. I know it’s such a big day for so many people (whether you’re graduating high school, college, or even just attending any graduation ceremony!)

I have put together a bunch of dresses for all of my gals that will be graduating this year (congrats) as well as some dresses that are great options if you’re attending a ceremony. Cheers to grad-dress season!


Grad dress onegrad dress 2grad dress 3

  1. Lace Midi Dress (White) 
  2. Halter White Ruffle Dress
  3. White Sheer Sleeve Dress
  4. White Twist Halter Dress
  5. White Midi Lace Dress
  6. Blush Lace Midi Dress
  7. Pastel Yellow Lace Dress
  8. Lavender Lace Dress
  9. Gingham Dress
  10. White Ruffle Dress
  11. Pink Floral Texture Dress
  12. Pink and Red Floral Wrap Dress
  13. Eyelet Cutout Dress
  14. Eyelet Thin Strap Dress

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