Diary Series: Vol. 001

It’s been too long since I’ve been active on here. Life has been a little crazy, but I promise I’m back and ready to regularly begin posting again!

I’m starting a new series on this blog: the Diary Series. It will basically just be a life-update and I’ll let you all know what I’ve been up to lately! I promise you’ll be seeing a few posts (a combination of fashion and lifestyle) from me each week from now on. With that being said, welcome to Diary Series: Volume 001.

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What's Been Going On

I graduated college!!

On May 20th 2019, I graduated Seton Hall University with my B.A. in Public Relations with a minor in Graphic Design and Advertising! Wooooo! My close friends and family know that school was not my favorite thing. In fact, I really was not a fan at all. However, Seton Hall definitely changed that! I loved everything about my college experience: the school I went to, my major/minor, my friends, the campus, etc… It was the perfect school for me and I wouldn’t go back and change a thing!

I got a job!

May was a pretty crazy month for me. I was focusing on finals, trying to take in every last moment spent in my college house with my best friends, attend pre-graduation festivities, and all while applying and interviewing for jobs. At some point in April 2019, I hit a plateau when it came to speaking with future employers. I had been applying since Fall of 2018 to a variety of different companies, but nothing ever seemed to be the right fit. Finally in April, I accepted the fact that I wouldn’t have a job right after graduation and I was okay with that. I had the mindset of, “I’ll go home (to Cape Cod) and continue applying until the perfect fit comes around.” It took me a long time to come to this mindset…getting a job in NYC was hard enough…imagine if I had to continue to apply and interview from a different state! As soon as I accepted the fact that I would be moving back home, I heard back from a company about my application. Within 24 hours I had a phone interview that I successfully ‘passed’ and was sent through to the next round. I then completed a project for the company, submitted my work, and again, ‘passed’ this round too. Finally, I was asked to come in to the office for an in-person interview. (I’d love to do a blog post all about interviewing/interview tips if that’s something any of you are interested in reading! Let me know in the comments!) Within an hour after my interview, I received the phone call that I was offered the job! It was the craziest weekend (in a good way) that I’ve ever had… (For reference, I did the phone interview on Wednesday, submitted the project on Thursday, and my in-person interview was on Friday). I am so excited to begin working in NYC (what a DREAM) and I already love the team I’ll be working with. (I start on Monday, wish me luck!)

I moved…

Of course as soon as I accepted the job, I realized I had nowhere to live. My lease for my college house was just about to end and I needed to find a place to live quickly. I viewed 4 different houses/apartments. 2 of the houses were sublets, so I would have only been there for the summer. But they were AWFUL (SO dirty and cluttered, stuffy, and just had NO appeal whatsoever). I am someone who is motivated by my environment so having a nice space to come home to after work was important to me. The third place I viewed was a 6-month lease in a family home. They were renting out a room and I figured, “I’ll be comfortable with a family, the rooms are furnished so I don’t need to worry about that, and if it’s awful it’s only 6 months” but after I viewed it I realized it wasn’t what I wanted my ‘post-college’ experience to be like. The fourth apartment I toured I immediately loved. The area wasn’t somewhere I was familiar with so I was a little hesitant, but the apartment itself was perfect. I’m officially moved into my new apartment in Jersey City (yay!!!). For some reason when I was looking for an apartment I was ‘anti-Jersey City.’ Like I said before, I just didn’t know anything about the area. Now that I have gotten familiar with my surroundings and gotten to know the area more, I love it! (I promise, I’ll do a room-tour blog post soon!) If any of you are from Jersey City or have any JC recommendations, pleaaaaaase share them with me! 🙂

blog plansI want to get on a schedule where I’m posting 3x a week (or more) on this blog. You can expect A LOT more fashion posts (sorry I’ve been slacking in that area, that’s what this blog is for!!!) and a ton of NYC lifestyle posts.


DRESSES!!! It’s been so humid the past week or two that I cannot even imagine wearing anything other than a dress! I’ve linked some of my favorites for summer below 🙂

Yellow Gingham Dress // Lavender Eyelet Dress  // Striped Maxi Dress // Seersucker Button Dress // Preppy Striped Pullover Dress  // Green Floral Dress

Happy Shopping! 🙂


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