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How I Became a Morning Person


While early mornings have always been a part of my routine, they haven’t always been a choice. In high school, I used to wake up around 5:45am and leave by 6:45am (for those of you that don’t know, I went to a high school an hour away from my house). While I was used to waking up this early, it wasn’t always easy. I would take advantage of my Sunday morning (the only day I was able to sleep in since I usually had track practice on Saturday mornings).

In college, I usually scheduled my classes to begin around 9:30am so sleeping in wasn’t much of a choice then either. Now that I have begun a new chapter in my life, I’ve changed my mornings into a part of my routine that I look forward to rather than dread.

I’m sharing 3 ways that helped me become a morning person.


01 | Create a “morning routine” list

In the beginning of waking up early and training myself to enjoy early mornings, I found this extremely helpful. I was able to make sure I didn’t miss any steps which helped me form a solid routine. My morning routine to-do list looks a little bit like this:

  1. Get out of bed & brush your teeth/wash your face
  2. Read for 30 minutes (before checking any social media or going on your phone)
  3. Make __________________ for breakfast 
  4. Drink 2 full glasses of ice water (lemon water preferred) 
  5. Make sure your outfit is picked out
  6. Shower and begin makeup/hair routine by ________

Of course every morning is different, but almost all of those steps are covered on a daily basis. I find that because my mornings have somewhat of a structure, I look forward to them more.


02 | Go to sleep early

This is pretty much a given. The more sleep you get, the less tired you’ll be in the morning. I find that when I am in bed and asleep by 9:45/10pm, my mornings are much easier than if I were to stay up until 11:00pm+. I know so many people that always say, “My body just can’t fall asleep that early” and they proceed to talk about how they’re up until 2am every night (cough, cough, Anthony…). It’s all about creating a routine to force your body to fall asleep early…and eventually it will come easy. Maybe that means putting your phone down by 8:30pm, reading for 20 minutes before bed, or even listening to music.


03 | Listening to a Podcast 

Lately, it seems like everyone is listening to podcasts or recording one of their own. I’m loving this “trend” because there are so many new ones coming out! Podcasts are a huge form of motivation for me. I make sure to listen to podcasts that will teach me something about the field that I am in, motivate me (mentally, physically, etc…), or inspire me to do something new. Usually I’ll listen to a podcast while doing my hair and makeup, and even on my commute. Personally I’ve been loving Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher, The Influencer Podcast by Julie Solomon, and Blogging, Unscripted by Danielle Gervino. All three of these women use their platform to inspire, motivate, and inform their audience in some way/shape/form.


I hope you can try to incorporate some of these tips into your morning routine! Also a morning person? Share some of your favorite parts of your routine in the comments below!


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