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Autumn in Central Park

After living in the Greater New York City area for almost 5 years, I finally got around to spending a day in Central Park. I had high expectations for the colorful foliage that I’ve seen all over Instagram and let me tell you…Central Park exceeded every single one of my expectations.


Anthony and I made sure to leave early in the morning because we knew everyone had the same idea. We decided to take the subway to 110th street so we could see the Conservatory Garden, a section of Central Park that neither one of us had been to before. Immediately, we were in love.



The foliage was still a little green (I blame the weather still hovering around 70°) but there were vibrant pops of yellow and orange that made all the difference. We made our way through the park filled with bikers, runners, and many photographers all there for the same reason: to soak up every piece of autumn Central Park has to offer.

As we continued through the park, we continued to come up with more reasons to want to spend every weekend there. Beautiful statues and fountains, bridges with views of the city that cannot be seen anywhere else, and friendly people-which some might consider rare in a place like New York City.

We met the nicest man who was with his dad. He lived close to Central Park, but his family was from the south. His dad had never experienced foliage like the Northeast and he was soaking in every second of it.


While I had originally packed my new puffer coat to wear, I quickly realized that the bright sun was too warm. Thankfully, Anthony had brought his backpack along for me to stuff my jacket in their and change into this scarf (which is big enough to wear as a poncho-style wrap).




Overall, I’d consider Central Park my favorite place in New York. I’ve already made plans to go back next weekend….and maybe the weekend after, too. I’m looking forward to spending a snow-day in the park, I can only imagine how magical it will be! I highly recommend visiting Central Park the next time you’re in New York, but be prepared to walk. Anthony and I ended up walking around 25,000 steps and it was worth every single step.

I also recommend doing your research before visiting. I found this YouTube video extremely helpful. We were able to plan where certain entrances were, what subways to take depending on where we wanted to end up, and plan out where we wanted to take pictures.




Central Park, you stole my heart!


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13 thoughts on “Autumn in Central Park

  1. You covered Central Park BEAUTIFULLY and I LOVE your scarf/poncho . Be sure and get to Wollman Ice rink , a famous tradition for ice skating and location in the movie LOVE STORY ( 1970)… opens soooon as weather permits. ❤️🍁⛸🛷❄️🏙


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