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My 2019 Recap via Instagram

2019 has been a crazy year. I graduated college, started my first “adult” job, moved away from home (officially), became financially independent, and so much more. It was the year of “growing up” for me and 2020 will be the first full year where I’m no longer a student. I share so much more content on my Instagram, so I thought I would share all of my 2019 experiences through each Instagram photo. Enjoy! 🙂


My first post of 2019. Clearly, I was all about Instagram aesthetic and capturing the perfect flat-lay. And my goal!? Guess we’ll have to try that again this year… I mean, WHAT college student has “as many greens as possible?!” (Definitely not me at the time!)


This photo was taken on one of the best days. I was home on winter break and my best friend Katie and I decided to go to Boston for the day. We spent the day shopping, taking pictures, eating and drinking wine. (We were excited about the wine part because we didn’t get to experience the excitement of being 21 together during college; she went to school in Washington D.C.). As far as the outfit goes? Still one of my favorites. I thrifted the cardigan for $2.99 (it still had the tags on it), thrifted the jeans for $3, and the boots are my absolute favorite pair to this day. 


love this picture for a few reasons. I was still at home on winter break when I took this picture. I woke up feeling motivated and creative, so I pulled out my tripod, got ready for the day, and set up this image on my front porch at home. It felt cozy but chic and I was so pleased with the outcome. Plus, who doesn’t want to show off their new boots and purse!?


For NYE, Anthony and I went and celebrated with my dad in South Carolina. One of the days we were there we went to Brookgreen Gardens and to this day we’re talking about how beautiful it was! (As far as the caption goes, I remember this day vividly. Oh how I miss my senior year of college bedroom! I was sitting at my desk with that candle lit…)


This image was taken on the same day as the picture of my boots. (I mean, I guess it’s pretty obvious based on the porch background!). I was having a good hair day, wearing my new sunglasses, and was wearing my new sweater that I bought from Primark in Boston. I loved how simple this photo came out, and the caption speaks volumes… Little did I know where I’d be a few months later…


I threw myself into blogging and Instagram full-swing during 2019. I was sharing new blog posts on my feed and on my stories almost daily and I was proud of every piece of content coming out. These images were some of my favorites and I still love the way they’re edited to this day. (PS: If you’re looking for this blog post, it’s no longer public on my site… I’ll be sharing an updated routine very soon!).


This was the best morning. I woke up early and planned out this exact outfit to shoot.. I made Anthony come along (because who else is going to take my pictures!?). While I no longer feel like this outfit is something I would wear today, I still have all of these pieces and would style them separately. I mainly miss this location in Maplewood, NJ. I’m not that far away but it’s not as close as I was in college… Maplewood became my little “home” (because their Starbucks is the cutest! And the best place to study for finals!).


My cozy and simple senior year bedroom! I will forever love this house, the 4 other girls that I lived with, and my cozy room! (And caption: still relatable… I miss snow days, LOL!)


I still love this hat, this picture, and this saying. You can read this blog post here.


Again, I was clearly alllllllllll about the “Instagram aesthetic” this year. But the caption still stands… I love Valentine’s Day!


AW. Over the course of our 4 years in college together, Anthony and I went to 6 date parties, 4 formals, and 3 semi-formals. (And endless college parties, but that’s another story…).


“Blogger on a budget” ALWAYS! In 2019, I began thrifting and shopping second-hand more so than ever. It just makes sense: why not shop clothing that will do less damage on the environment? And save you money?


This is my go-to spot to take pictures in South Orange because I love how clean the background looks on my Instagram feed. This picture is so simple but there’s just something that I love so much about it!


The first brand I worked with in 2019! Their packaging was too cute! I’m so proud of these product shots I took for this brand-I really focused on my photography skills for them!


This caption speaks for itself. 2019 was the year of coffee for me.


*Read the caption*
I remember feeling so excited for Miami. It was the first spring break that Anthony and I were going on just us and the first “real” vacation that the two of us booked by ourselves. From the flights to the Airbnb, we did it all and it ended up being such a fun experience.


I fell in love with parts of Florida I hadn’t been before… Looking at all of these pictures makes me want to book a flight somewhere soon.


This picture was definitely a “post because you have nothing else to post” type of picture. I love this dress, these sandals, and everything about them, but they definitely weren’t relevant to the time period at ALL. They were taken on my sisters front porch before a Tim McGraw concert (that we went to in July 2018!!!)… Oops! (And this blog post is no longer on my site).


One of my favorite weekends with my best friend! After 4 years in college, I finally was able to find the time to head down to Washington D.C. to visit Katie and experience her college-scene. It was one of the most fun weekends!


This was such a fun collaboration, though this bracelet is definitely not my style anymore. Looking at the # of likes and comments on this post, I definitely feel like I was “ahead” of the Instagram algorithm. (This blog post is also no longer on my site).


The best collaboration of the year. Maybe of my life. When I was asked to work with Diet Coke, it felt like a dream come true…. And then over 150+ cans of Diet Coke arrived at my door (yes, at my college house) and it felt like even more of a dream…. Let’s just say, my house lived on Diet Coke as our chaser for the year!


The caption is everything. “It was fun while it lasted….” Graduating college was bittersweet, but not for the same reason that most feel. I don’t really miss going to class or sitting in classes and I don’t really miss being a “student.” I do miss my friends (we all live in different states and I’m not even remotely close to any of them), I miss the campus because I absolutely loved my school, and I miss how much fun I had. I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun as I did in college and I think I was the most care-free I’ve ever been (it can be a good thing and a bad thing, but hey: I graduated!!).


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Back to reality ☹️

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I’m not sure if this was the most relaxing weekend of my life or the most stressful… I was home celebrating graduating college and spending my days laying by my dads pool. I had just accepted my job offer and everything seemed great: except for the fact that I didn’t have a place to live. I was constantly looking at apartments and hoping that SOMETHING would work out. If you know me, you know that summer is NOT my favorite season at ALL, so that didn’t help the apartment-hunt… If I could have it my way, it’d be cold weather year-round!


This dress was my favorite statement piece from 2019… And this picture was taken on one of the best Saturday mornings. I had just begun my new job, moved into my apartment, and I was finally settled enough to explore the area around my apartment.


I love to spark a little debate in my Instagram captions…. And although I have first-hand experience both with a pool and living within 5/10 minutes of the beach, I’d still choose the beach every day.


I’ve always loved this picture of me and the caption speaks 100% truth… On any given weekend during the summer, you can find me escaping the heat in the ocean.


I still love this coverup, I love this caption, and I loved this day. I still believe that you can enjoy anything in life (even the job you hate, the plans that fell through, etc) if you stay enthusiastic about life in general.


This plant didn’t last long… But I sure do love how these images came out. My creativity came to life when snapping these photos.


These photos were taken out of the blue. I was getting ready to go out for the day with Anthony and something in me just wanted a picture before we left.. They ended up coming out better than I could have imagined! And I absolutely love this dress.. It’s hard to tell in the photos, but it’s a mint-green color which has always been one of my favorites!


This photo was taken while at brunch out in Hoboken (in my favorite dress mentioned in photo #24!). However, it was posted on a Tuesday… And clearly, the caption explains how my week was going! LOL


If you live on the Cape, there’s no reason why a summertime photo of hydrangea’s shouldn’t be on your Instagram feed. 😉


To this day, I love this collaboration and Tend Skin! When they reached out to me, I was so excited. They were extremely professional, immediately wanted to know what my rates were for creating content, and made sure we had approval/deadline dates. I’ve worked with multiple brands that were so casual and non-professional about the way they collaborate with bloggers so it was a breath of fresh air when they seemed to have all of their ducks in a row.


Easily my favorite photo from 2019. Kennebunkport is my absolute favorite place to visit whether it be in the summer or winter. Also, this dress is from Amazon and is SUCH good quality!!!


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Postcards from NYC 💌

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I couldn’t not post this photo of New York City (view from Hoboken, NJ).. The color of the sky says enough!


This was taken on Anthony’s porch in Maplewood, NJ! There’s not much behind this photo other than I was happy to begin a new month and enjoy my long weekend.


September 4th, 2019-Anthony and I celebrated 4 years together!!! While we didn’t do anything extreme to celebrate (a casual diner was just fine for us) it was such an exciting milestone to hit!


I am so grateful to have landed a collaboration with JustFab! Their shoes are adorable and these booties are still one of my favorite pairs.


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Hello there Monday.. ✨

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This photo looks a little bit more glamorous than what it was… (LOL!). I had just gotten off of the train from work to go grocery shopping and it started to downpour!!! Ant met me at a restaurant nearby the grocery store that I go to and we decided to grab a drink.


The caption says it all! This was such a fun day and you would never know that it was raining! Anything that’s festive during the fall: count me in!


More photos from the pumpkin patch, but how could I not?! It’s my birthday month and my favorite time of the year!


100% one of the best days of 2019. I had never been to Central Park in the fall so I planned a day to just walk around. The foliage was so beautiful and it was such a fun day! You can read all about it in a blog post here.


Another photo from Central Park… BUT, every New England gal needs a few staples in her closet! You can read the blog post I shared about them here!


When I found this dress on Amazon, I assumed it was going to be terrible quality. It looked too good to be true! Well, it ended up being the dress of my dreams for the holiday season. I wrote a whole blog post about it, you can read it here! (Also, these photos were taken in 20º weather which I was excited about, but poor Anthony had frozen hands by the end of this shoot! LOL).


Honestly, 2019 was the year of coffee for me! This photo has no meaning really, but it was taken at my desk and looked pretty on my feed.. So here you go, lol!


I don’t think I’ll ever get over my love for this red dress! I can’t wait to pull it out next November and December and get more use out of it.


One of my favorite week/weekends of the year: Thanksgiving. It’s the calm before the Christmas storm and everyone seems excited about literally everything. I was home for the weekend and a festive Starbucks trip just had to be a part of the plan!


The best weekend of the year. NO exaggeration at all. Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport, Maine is my idea of Heaven on Earth. It’s pretty much like being in Whoville (from the Grinch!). This year was Ant’s 2nd year joining and I have to say-It may be his favorite weekend of the year, too! (And yes, it snowed the first day we arrived! Talk about a DREAM!)


My mom took this picture of Anthony and I from inside one of the cutest farms/gift shops in Kennebunkport. It looks like we’re in a winter wonderland!


I’ve always loved Kendra Scott jewelry and these earrings are my absolute favorite!!! I couldn’t not share them! 🙂


The caption says it all… One weekend in Maine is never enough.


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‘Tis the season 🎄

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It wouldn’t Christmas in NYC without a picture of the Rockefeller Christmas tree!


The caption says it all! How fun are these earrings!?


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See you in a week 🖤

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By far the prettiest picture of New York that I’ve ever taken! Behind the scenes? It’s actually the view from one of the conference rooms at work! LOL


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shopping on December 23rd mood: 😶

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I cannot express the amount of happiness I had in this photo, contrary to the caption! While the mall was packed with last-minute shoppers, I was obsessed with the outfit I was wearing, I got all of my Christmas shopping done in under 2 hours, and I was home for Christmas! What’s more to love!?


I ended the year working with a HUGE brand, Express! I was beyond excited when they reached out and I was so happy with how these photos turned out. Shoutout to my mom who took them!!! 🙂


I ended the year with QUITE an exciting upgrade! I finally got the iPhone 11 Pro and I’ve never loved a phone more! This picture was taken with one of the lenses on it and it made the city look incredible!

There were so many blessings and challenges in 2019- it’s hard to pick a favorite memory! I can only hope that 2020 brings the same joy, excitement, and change in my life. Happy New Year, everyone!


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