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Setting My Goals and Intentions for 2020

BF6DC16E-B852-4A0C-B62B-414B17C9FF01I wish napping could be considered a productive goal… LOL

Quite delayed but nonetheless, I bring you my goal for the new year. Usually I set my “new year, new me” tasks at least a week before January 1st, but for some reason this year, that just didn’t seem realistic.

To start, I am beyond excited for 2020. 2019 was the year of change. I graduated college, started a new job, moved into my first apartment (without my college besties), and fully committed to living in a new city and state. I didn’t really have a theme going into 2019. The only thing on my mind was to enjoy every last minute I had in college (the fun part at least).

I’ve decided that my theme for 2020 is dedication. If I’m going to blog, I want to be dedicated to posting at least one blog post a week, if not more. If I’m going to workout, I want to be dedicated to my routine. (For example, I’ve been waking up at 5am everyday, going to the gym, and actually taking the time to learn how to use certain machines.). If I’m going to set a budget, I’m going to be dedicated to sticking to that budget. The list is endless, but overall I want to be dedicated to the tasks I’ve assigned myself.

We’re currently 20 days into 2020 and so far, I’ve been doing a pretty good job at being dedicated if I do say so myself. I’ve been sticking to my monthly budget and putting a lot more into my savings, I’ve been meal prepping my lunch for work (which helps me eat healthier AND save $$$), and I’ve been working out on a regular basis.

I’m excited for this year to be filled with positivity, new memories, and personal growth. 🙂

If you have a theme for the year or a personal goal, I’d love to know in the comments below!

Talk soon!

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